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what GOD expects......

the interview with GOD....

I dreamed I had an interview with God.

“So you would like to interview me?” God asked.

“If you have the time” I said.

God smiled. “My time is eternity.”
“What questions do you have in mind for me?”

“What surprises you most about humankind?”

God answered…
“That they get bored with childhood,
they rush to grow up, and then
long to be children again.”

“That they lose their health to make money…
and then lose their money to restore their health.”

“That by thinking anxiously about the future,
they forget the present,
such that they live in neither
the present nor the future.”

“That they live as if they will never die,
and die as though they had never lived.”

God’s hand took mine
and we were silent for a while.

And then I asked…
“As a parent, what are some of life’s lessons
you want your children to learn?”

“To learn they cannot make anyone
love them. All they can do
is let themselves be loved.”

“To learn that it is not good
to compare themselves to others.”

“To learn to forgive
by practicing forgiveness.”

“To learn that it only takes a few seconds
to open profound wounds in those they love,
and it can take many years to heal them.”

“To learn that a rich person
is not one who has the most,
but is one who needs the least.”

“To learn that there are people
who love them dearly,
but simply have not yet learned
how to express or show their feelings.”

“To learn that two people can
look at the same thing
and see it differently.”

“To learn that it is not enough that they
forgive one another, but they must also forgive themselves.”

“Thank you for your time,” I said humbly.

“Is there anything else
you would like your children to know?”

God smiled and said,

“Just know that I am here… always.”

rabindranath tagore

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a funny story....

ONCE upon a time a peacock and a tortoise became great friends. The peacock lived on a tree by the banks of the stream in which the tortoise had his home. Everyday, after he had a drink of water, the peacock will dance near the stream to the amusement of his tortoise friend.
One unfortunate day, a bird-catcher caught the peacock and was about to take him away to the market. The unhappy bird begged his captor to allow him to bid his friend, the tortoise good-bye.
The bird-catcher allowed him his request and took him to the tortoise. The tortoise was greatly disturbed to see his friend a captive.
The tortoise asked the bird-catcher to let the peacock go in return for an expensive present. The bird-catcher agreed. The tortoise then, dived into the water and in a few seconds came up with a handsome pearl, to the great astonishment of the bird-catcher. As this was beyond his exceptions, he let the peacock go immediately.
A short time after, the greedy man came back and told the tortoise that he had not paid enough for the release of his friend, and threatened to catch the peacock again unless an exact match of the pearl is given to him. The tortoise, who had already advised his friend, the peacock, to leave the place to a distant jungle upon being set free, was greatly enraged at the greed of this man.
“Well,” said the tortoise, “if you insist on having another pearl like it, give it to me and I will fish you out an exact match for it.” Due to his greed, the bird-catcher gave the pearl to the tortoise, who swam away with it saying, “I am no fool to take one and give two!” The tortoise then disappeared into the water, leaving the bird-catcher without a single pearl......




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some requests from......

GOD give me a life that at the death moment i wont regret on usulessness of one second of that.....

and give me a death that i wont be upset of it's vanity....

let me choose it my self but as u like.....

u teach me how to live....

i my self will learn how to die.....


from:doctor ali shari'aty

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When you were born, you were crying

And everyone around you was smiling

Live your life so at the end

You’re the one who is smiling and everyone

Around you is crying.....

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we can live better....

Kick a bad habit.

Leap across a fear.

Mention something uplifting.

 Never say never.

Open your mind and heart.

Pursue your innermost passions.

Quit complaining.

Restore your smile.

Set your sights high.

Trust yourself.

 Use all the day.

Value everything.

Waite until it feels right.

Express yourself.

Yank weeds from your mental garden.

Zoom into the now

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Those who are tired may seek your aid
It is unfair if your aid is stayed.
You never mistreated us. It’s not your way.
Any such mischief, you would degrade.
Unfortunate the eyes that can’t shed tears of love,
Unhappy the hearts that candle of love barricade.
With the auspicious fly towards the light,
Leave behind bats and birds who seek the shade.
Wonder not if I sought help in the tavern,
My Master said in the temple they trade.
Without virtue, worship is idolatry,
Goodness won’t come, when virtue delayed.
Hafiz, through virtue and wisdom wade,
Else hold your tongue and remain afraid

خستـگان را چو طلب باشد و قوت نبود
گر تو بیداد کـنی شرط مروت نـبود
ما جفا از تو ندیدیم و تو خود نپسـندی
آن چـه در مذهب ارباب طریقت نـبود
خیره آن دیده که آبش نبرد گریه عشق
تیره آن دل که در او شمع محبت نـبود
دولـت از مرغ همایون طلب و سایه او
زان که با زاغ و زغن شهپر دولت نـبود
گر مدد خواستم از پیر مغان عیب مکن
شیخ ما گفت که در صومعه همت نبود
چون طهارت نبود کعبه و بتخانه یکیست
نـبود خیر در آن خانه که عصمت نبود
حافظا علم و ادب ورز که در مجلس شاه
هر که را نیست ادب لایق صحبت نـبود

composed by hafiz....

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i wont give up till.......

Till you grant my wish, I won't give up my demandI will reach the Soul of Souls, or be buried in this land.When I am dead and buried, open my grave and seeSmoke rising from my corps, by my inner fire fanned.Show Thy face to the people, awe-struck and radiantMan and woman will cry out, at Thy smallest command.I am tired of this life, jealousy eats away my heartWithout a kiss from your lips, I end my worldly errand.In search of those sweet lips, I have spent my whole lifeDesires of the deprived, those lips will reprimand.In the circles of the Lovers, his goodness they understand,With reverence, Hafiz's name, they pass from hand to hand.دسـت از طـلـب ندارم تا کام مـن برآیدیا تـن رسد بـه جانان یا جان ز تـن برآیدبگـشای تربـتـم را بـعد از وفات و بنگرکز آتـش درونـم دود از کـفـن برآیدبـنـمای رخ که خلقی واله شوند و حیرانبگـشای لـب کـه فریاد از مرد و زن برآیدجان بر لب است و حسرت در دل که از لبانشنـگرفـتـه هیچ کامی جان از بدن برآیداز حـسرت دهانـش آمد به تنـگ جانـمخود کام تنـگدسـتان کی زان دهـن برآیدگویند ذکر خیرش در خیل عـشـقـبازانهر جا کـه نام حافظ در انـجـمـن برآیدcomposed by HAFIZ
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be my moon......

I said I long for thee
You said your sorrows will end.
Be my moon, rise up for me
Only if it will ascend.

I said, from lovers learn
How with compassion burn
Beauties, you said in return
Such common tricks transcend.

Your visions, I will oppose
My mind's paths, I will close
You said, this night-farer knows
Another way will descend.

With the fragrance of your hair
I'm lost in my world's affair
You said, if you care, you dare
On its guidance can depend.

I said hail to that fresh air
That the morning breeze may share
Cool is that breeze, you declare
With beloved's air may blend.

I said, your sweet and red wine
Granted no wishes of mine
You said, in service define
Your life, and your time spend.

I said, when will your kind heart
Thoughts of friendship start?
Said, speak not of this art
Until it's time for that trend.

I said, happiness and joy
Passing time will destroy.
Said, Hafiz, silence employ
Sorrows too will end my friend.

گفتـم غـم تو دارم گفتا غمت سر آید
گفتـم کـه ماه من شو گفتا اگر برآید
گفـتـم ز مـهرورزان رسم وفا بیاموز
گـفـتا ز خوبرویان این کار کمـتر آید
گفـتـم کـه بر خیالت راه نظر ببندم
گفـتا که شب رو است او از راه دیگر آید
گفتـم که بوی زلفت گمراه عالمم کرد
گـفـتا اگر بدانی هم اوت رهـبر آید
گفـتـم خوشا هوایی کز باد صبح خیزد
گفـتا خنـک نسیمی کز کوی دلبر آید
گفتم که نوش لعلت ما را به آرزو کشت
گـفـتا تو بـندگی کن کو بنده پرور آید
گفـتـم دل رحیمت کی عزم صلح دارد
گفـتا مـگوی با کس تا وقت آن درآید
گفتم زمان عشرت دیدی که چون سر آمد
گفتا خموش حافظ کاین غصه هم سر آید

composed by HAFIZ...

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a real poet....

the poet i wanna tell about him today is surely one of the bests for the world....

he is HAFEZ....whom iranian know him well and believe on him so well too....

HAFEZ means who has memorized the whole QURAN MAJID...and he did so his name was hafez....

he has a book which is full of beautiful poems that every one has alot of love meanings in it....i myself love his poems and i think i will put most of them for u too....

most of them r really complicated ....some people in iran go to classes or need experts to know the real meaning of that...

i will put the first poem of his book in this post...

i think i will put 2or 3 translations so maybe any one like one of them most....

O beautiful wine-bearer, bring forth the cup and put it to my lips
Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships.
With its perfume, the morning breeze unlocks those beautiful locks
The curl of those dark ringlets, many hearts to shreds strips.
In the house of my Beloved, how can I enjoy the feast
Since the church bells call the call that for pilgrimage equips.
With wine color your robe, one of the old Magi’s best tips
Trust in this traveler’s tips, who knows of many paths and trips.
The dark midnight, fearful waves, and the tempestuous whirlpool
How can he know of our state, while ports house his unladen ships.
I followed my own path of love, and now I am in bad repute
How can a secret remain veiled, if from every tongue it drips?
If His presence you seek, Hafiz, then why yourself eclipse?
Stick to the One you know, let go of imaginary trips

الا یا ایها الـساقی ادر کاسا و ناولـها
که عشق آسان نمود اول ولی افتاد مشکل*ها
بـه بوی نافه*ای کاخر صبا زان طره بگـشاید
ز تاب جعد مشکینش چه خون افـتاد در دل*ها
مرا در منزل جانان چه امـن عیش چون هر دم
جرس فریاد می*دارد که بربندید مـحـمـل*ها
بـه می سجاده رنگین کن گرت پیر مغان گوید
کـه سالک بی*خبر نبود ز راه و رسم منزل*ها
شـب تاریک و بیم موج و گردابی چنین هایل
کـجا دانـند حال ما سبکـباران ساحـل*ها
همـه کارم ز خود کامی به بدنامی کشید آخر
نـهان کی ماند آن رازی کز او سازند محفل*ها
حضوری گر همی*خواهی از او غایب مشو حافظ
مـتی ما تلق من تهوی دع الدنیا و اهملـها

Ho, saki, haste, the beaker bring. Fill up, and pass it round the ring
.love seemed at first an easy thing. But ah! The hard awakening.
,So sweet perfume the morning air. Did lately from her tresses bear;
Her twisted, musk-diffusing hair. What heart's calamity was there.
,A mountain sea, moon clouded o'er, and nigh the whirlpool's awful roar;
?How can they know our labour sore, Who pass light-burthened on the shore
,Within life's caravanserai, what brief security have I

When momently the bell doth cry, "Bind on your loads; the hour os night

Let wine upon the prayer-mat flow, An if the taverner bids so

.Whose wont is on this road to go. Its ways and mannerswell doth know

;Mark now the mad career of me, from willfulness to infamy

?Yet how conceal that mystery, where of men make festivity

;HÁFIZ, if you wouldst win her grace, Be never absent from thy place

.When thou dost see the well-loved facc, Be lost at last to time and space......

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one other iranian poet....

i wanna introduce u another poet....
of course he was living so so many years ago....
maybe the most poems of him was about being good-humored
and he had tried to preach people....
he is SA'ADY
now i wanna give one of his poets ....
one of his books is GOLESTAN
it has 8 chapters
this part is from the 8th part that is about
and now it is:
property is for the comfort of life,and not life for the accumulation of wealth.
a sage ,having been asked who is lucky and who is not,
pray not for that worthless wretch who has done nothing,
who spend his life in accumulating property but has not enjoyed it.....

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iranian poem...

hi friends...

i wanna put here the poem i love best....

i think thats the most romantic poem ive ever seen...

i wish u like it too....


بی تو مهتاب شبی باز از آن کوچه گذشتم

همه تن چشم شد م خیره بد نبال تو گشتم

شوق دیدار تو لبریز شد ازجام وجود م

شدم آن عاشق دیوانه که بودم

در نهانخانه جانم گل یاد تو درخشید

باغ صد خاطره خندید

عطر صد خاطره پیچید

یادم آمد که شبی باهم از آن کوچه گذشتیم

پر گشودیم و در آن خلوت دلخواسته گشتیم

ساعتی بر لب آن جوی نشستیم

تو همه راز جهان ریخته در چشم سیاهت

من همه محو تماشای نگاهت

آسمان صاف و شب ارام

بخت خندان و زمان رام

خوشه ماه فرو ریخته دراب

شاخه ها دست بر اورده به مهتاب

شب و صحرا و گل و سنگ

همه دل داده به آوای شب آهنگ

یادم آمد تو بمن گفتی” از این عشق حذر کن

لحظه ای چند بر این آب نظر کن

آب آیینه عشق گذران است

توکه امروز نگاهت به نگاهی نگران است

باش فردا که دلت با دگران است

تا فراموش کنی چندی از این شهر سفر کن”

با توگفتم

“حذر از عشق؟

حذر از عشق ندانم

سفر از کوی تو هرگز نتوانم

روز اول که دل من به تمنای تو پر زد

چون کبوتر سر بام تو نشستم

تو بمن سنگ زدی من نه پریدم نه گسستم

باز گفتم که تو صیادی و من آهوی دشتم

تا بدام تو بیفتم همه جا گشتم و گشتم

نه بریدم نه گسستم”

اشکی از شاخه فروریخت

مرغ شب ناله تلخی زدو بگریخت

اشک درچشم تو غلطید

ماه بر عشق تو خندید

یادم آید که دگر از تو جوابی نشنیدم

پای در دامن اندوه کشیدم

رفت در ظلمت شب آن شبوشب های دگر هم

نگرفتی دگر از عاشق افسرده خبر هم

نکنی دیگر از آن کوچه گذر هم

بی تو اما به چه حالی من از آن کوچه گذشتم !!




BY: Freydoon Moshiri


Without you  in a moonlit night again

I passed through that lane

My entire being turned into eyes

For seeking you in that paradise

The anticipated joy for seeing you

Refilled the over filled cup of my being anew

Like the foolish lover that I was before

I became the very same once more

Within my soul and in full spree

Bloomed in joy the flower of memory

A hundred gardens of memory smiled in glee

The scent of a hundred memories encircled me

I remembered one night in there together

We flew in that seclusion fair

We squatted an hour by that brook there

Your eyes had housed all the secrets of the world

I gazed at you spellbound your beauty to behold

The sky was clear and the night calm

The fortune at ease and the tamed was time

The moon in a bunch in water it bathed

The trees branches the heaven praised

The night  the moon  the flower and the rock

Danced in the nightly tunes around the clock

I remembered you addressed me and you were saying


Avoid this love matter and its playing

Behold this water for a moment as it flows

And look at its passage as it goes

The water mirrors the image of a love that flies

Now that you are anxious for a look love wise

Soon your heart will find another love in great

surprise- For forgetting this love in its grip

I advise you to go for a trip

I told you: “Forgetting love

Will it forbid the Heaven above

To take a trip I never will

The very first time I fell in love’s thrill

Bird like I perched at your window seal

Though you stoned me I sat there still

I flew not away and without peril

Then I told you that I as a game

I am the very deer tame

To be captured by you in this claim

I have circled you all over my sweet dame

And I lingered there ever the same

A tear from a tree branch was shed

The night bird uttered a bitter cry then fled

A tear drop lingered in your eyes

The moon laughed at your love in surprise

Then no answer was given to me and then

The sorrow overshadowed my heart again

I did not severe that strain

Into the darkness that night and others they flew

In none of them they did not see you

You asked naught about your love one true

You cannot imagine how I felt in going through

i will be happy to know ur idea...
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hi every one ...i wanna share u sth important !!!!(u will understand why i put exclamation point!!!!!)

there is an idiom in my life: be donkey to be happy....

now whats my meaning????i mean as much as u know less of life problems and its difficulties and u wont think about that the life will be more easy and u will be more happy....

(u know it really doesnt mean not to know good and useful

and beautiful things at all)

i just mean the ugly sides of life for them be donkey to be happy

u know i really love donkies...i mean the animal ...then why???i do not know

but every one know in my friends and family that i love them....a donkey will be the best gift for my birthday!!!!

(ooh friends dont blame me i know the things i  wrote dont have any relation to each other but just the words came and so i wrote... :)  )

be happy like these:

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watch this picture...

im almost like it
maybe going to die from being lonely but tell anyone I AM OK
why in this world  of about 7000000000 population some people like me can not find a person to talk to???
in ur idea how much r these people????
5percent?or ten???or maybe 90???
is it my problem or the worlds problem
but i agree some times it is not bad to be ALONE

but it is always awefull to feel LONELY....

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