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The unnecessary Guilts of life

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Recently I experience that the people around me are deeply involve in unnecessary guilts of life.even if they do right thing for themselves still they are thinking that they did something wrong.Remember that doing things that are useful for your growth ,your self esteem , and increasing your self worth are the most important thing for an individual.i know today people around us are so much involve in their own insecurities, their dissatisfaction of life that they try their best to blame others for their situation because they are not able to face themselves,they run from recognizing their own faults that's why they blme others even though they are the one who cause everything.

remove every guilt from your life if it doesnot hurt someone,focusing on ourself is our most imprtant priority. its completely OKAY to distance youself from the persons who try to put you down,Its completely ok to leave the place where no one recognize your value,no one appreciates you,its all completely fine dont think that you are doing wrong with others if you leave them alone or distance youself or move on in life ,dont ever regret on it or not always blaming yourself for everything.you are not wrong or responsible for everything in life all the time.

learn to appreciate your feelings ,value yourself and look how far you have come and facing everything in life and still keep going. Recognize your self-worth and try to free yourself from unnecessary guilts because everyone in life have some goals. In order to achieve them we have to sacrifice somethings as they contribute in our self progress.

learn the art of detachment ,mistakes are always forgiveable if we have the courage of admit them and stop critizing yourself for making choices in your life that very much important for your mental peace and health,Let it go.

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The Beauty of Struggle

I believe that everyone in their lives are struggling in unexpected ways but people who are suffering assuming that they are only the person who are suffering and they start projecting their anger, frustration and their low self worth concepts on others without thinking that how it much hurts to someone else as we are living this era of technology where everyone was running for the success & fame in life,they are so much involve in competition with others that they forget the main purpose of competition which is to grow your self as well as helping others to grow in their journey,but unfortunately we forget the purpose and become materialize. the individual who said to be best are those help others in their journey even though they are suffering to.hold on sad and depressed feelings and help others, it will return back to you in unexpected way as the rule of universe describe, prepare yourself to accept every challenge and have faith that everything will work out in such way we suppose to think that it should work .

Praise the struggles as they come in our way to help us! it help us to become a good human being,the best version of ourself no matter what .there is always beauty in struggle that train us how to deal with different situations of life,how to value the things,the beautiful little things of our lives that we forget because of our work load & stress. Remember that beautiful people with beautiful mind do not exist from the beginning, they build themselves using struggle process step by step. Struggle make people good as they start practicing gratitude.

Try to help and support others so that universe can help you, support you.

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Beauty Surrounds us


The title is quite simple and might hold more than one meaning varied with perception. In the current time, most of us have access to luxurious things where “smart phone with social apps” is at top of the list. Not supporting or arguing anyone’s research but I studied somewhere that using social media can cause depression or anxiety. Well I am in middle to believe on it fully or partially. Why we always need someone or group to feel the joy, to feel excitement or to feel blessed. You can have the same independent feelings without any effort because all you need lies within you. Once you start noticing yourself, your surroundings and the beauty it holds.

Beauty is everywhere!! you can see it by your soul or even with your eyes if you want.

To feel special, you actually don’t need to post a photo on Facebook or Instagram and wait for the people to write a lovely comment. Instead, you can hold a flower in your hand. Let the fragrance of it move through your soul. It will let you fall in love with yourself. Hurrah! Your day has already made.

Let your inner see the beauty that actually exist. Feel the trees talking with each other, feel the rose giving you a nice compliment, feel the air particles touching you with love, feel the sip of tea cleaning your thoughts, fee the roads giving you the way to move forward, feel the clouds making a shape of your dreams, feel the shower taking away the negative thoughts, feel the hug that your heart is giving you, feel the beauty that the God have placed in you.

Take the opportunity to find the beauty that surrounds us in many ways.

Lets Start the movement

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