The Beauty of Struggle

I believe that everyone in their lives are struggling in unexpected ways but people who are suffering assuming that they are only the person who are suffering and they start projecting their anger, frustration and their low self worth concepts on others without thinking that how it much hurts to someone else as we are living this era of technology where everyone was running for the success & fame in life,they are so much involve in competition with others that they forget the main purpose of competition which is to grow your self as well as helping others to grow in their journey,but unfortunately we forget the purpose and become materialize. the individual who said to be best are those help others in their journey even though they are suffering to.hold on sad and depressed feelings and help others, it will return back to you in unexpected way as the rule of universe describe, prepare yourself to accept every challenge and have faith that everything will work out in such way we suppose to think that it should work .

Praise the struggles as they come in our way to help us! it help us to become a good human being,the best version of ourself no matter what .there is always beauty in struggle that train us how to deal with different situations of life,how to value the things,the beautiful little things of our lives that we forget because of our work load & stress. Remember that beautiful people with beautiful mind do not exist from the beginning, they build themselves using struggle process step by step. Struggle make people good as they start practicing gratitude.

Try to help and support others so that universe can help you, support you.

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  • A very nice topic. Thank you for your good blog.

  • I read out your blog and I got a lot of valuable information. I want to tell  that struggles is the key to success and got everything possible in life by the way through struggle we find all the happiness in life for more visite here Scientific Notation Calculator

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  • To accomplish goals, we have to do some struggles, although life could be more beautiful even without them.
    Hope, patience, and perseverance are important for facing life's struggles.
    In the end, you get rewards for struggles you are making so many sacrifices to get.
    The rewards we get are joy, happiness, and peace of mind, much more than before in life.
    You can help people to go through the struggles of their life, but you can not take their responsibilities on yourself because it's not your load.

    Everyone has to fight for their happiness themselves.
    You can give them some advice and a helping hand, that's all.

    We have a German proverb: Everyone is his blacksmith of happiness. It has got much truth in it, hasn't it?
    We can do much more than we always think.
    We have to be patient with ourselves, and we should have trust in our strengths and skills.


    • Nice comment Rose.


      • Thanks, Tawfeeq.

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