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I need support

Hello guys,

I made a hyperlapse video about my university campus. I have worked really hard for that and I would really appretiate it if you guys can watch it and give it a like if you enjoyed.

That will really help me and give me motivation to make more such videos,

Thanks guys

Love you all

this is the link to my video:

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Neural network Mapping on dragonfly 

In this section, since the neuron mapping method has a direct effect on network timing, first, we present a method for mapping neurons on dragonfly topology’s nodes and then schedule a proper timing for communication between neurons. Since it is very likely that in a hardware accelerator, the number of neurons is much greater than the number of cores, it is necessary that by using an appropriate technique, neurons are classified and each category is written on a processor core. 

In many previous works, neurons of a layer were placed on a node or cluster of nodes. In this case, some of the nodes that only contain the input layer’s neurons, are only sender and some nodes that contain an intermediate layer’s neuron, will be sender in a phase (to the next layer) and receiver in the other phase (from the previous layer). Therefore, the network traffic load will not balance among all nodes. To fix this problem in our proposed architecture, we put neurons from different layers in one category. With this technique, each category will contain neurons from all neural network’s layers. So, if each category is mapped on a processor core, that processing core at any moment should send the data generated from its neurons and at the same time receive the data from other categories (other processing cores). As a result, at the same time, it will be both sender and receiver. In this mapping model, all nodes are identical and are doing the same work.

As shown in Figure 5, Categorization technique is applied to a multi-layered network which each layer contains 16 neurons And categories are regularly mapped on processing elements of an on-chip network with mesh topology. In this mapping model, the number of neurons in layers are not required to be the same and if the number of neurons in the input and output layers is less than the intermediate layer (which is usually the case) a different number of neurons in a layer can be maintained in each category. Also, if it is necessary, it is possible to put several categories in a network node on a chip. By doing this, all processing cores will have the same load and the generated traffic will distribute in a balanced way throughout the network. Communication between neurons in this model is a special traffic model Where each node sends its data to all other nodes and receives data from all other nodes.

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Life in IRAN


I'm trying to show normal life of iranian people in this short video.

In this video, you will watch Tabiat bridge, Valiasr street, Azadi street, Taleghani Park, normal iranian people, daily life in iran and etc.
people in IRAN, usually spend nights at parks, walking and enjoying the fresh air.

The Nature Bridge or Tabiat Bridge is the largest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran, Iran. The 270-metre bridge connects two public parks—Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park—by spanning Shahid Modarres ave, one of the main highways in northern Tehran.

Please like the video and subscribe, this will help me a lot with my channel.

Thank you

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