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  • thank you guys for your advice.

  • Oi there,

      When we prattle in the chatroom, we may write as we like BUT when we write a blog, than we should keep to basic grammar rules - one of them says that every sentence should be opened with a capital letter.

  • Dear bahman,

    Reading the title of your blog, I assumed a new country is discovered in the world by Christophe Colomb. haha. Thanks to the media and its propaganda, our country is among the most renowned countries in the world nowaday.

    I can't open youtube. But I assume it is something beautiful. Thanks

  • Wonderful!

  • Khahesh mikonam dooste khobam Bahman. They say that politics is a dirty game. We do not know whether that is true or not but we deal in different circumstances. Two government can like each other very much while their nations hate one another. Finally, we are human beings. That what really counts. I have seen your video. it's awesome. Looking at the title of your blog, be careful about the use of (a and an)  You can watch my video about it.     

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