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Rain season

It starts rain season in Vietnam. It was rain from yesterday until today it is still raining. Although today is the weekend but I just stay at home to see the rain. Rain looks like dogs and cats. Some times if it keeps rain in many days, it can flood all the villages that are near river. I don't like this happen but I really love raining when I look at it through the window. As someone says that "I don't cry, just raindrop"

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Just practice English

Dear all

I am a new member in My English Club. I really like practicing English with my friends but no one can help me because they are all busy. And now I have my English club where I can share whatever I am not good at English, especially my grammar. 

It is possible for you to read my blog, check and incorrect my mistakes? When speaking or writing I always afraid of making mistakes so that I rarely speaking or writing any where but in here I have enough confidence to write and listen to advice from all of you.

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