Rain season

It starts rain season in Vietnam. It was rain from yesterday until today it is still raining. Although today is the weekend but I just stay at home to see the rain. Rain looks like dogs and cats. Some times if it keeps rain in many days, it can flood all the villages that are near river. I don't like this happen but I really love raining when I look at it through the window. As someone says that "I don't cry, just raindrop"

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  • I love rain as a nature activity but I can't imagine the season of rains when it rains all the time. I'd feel myself as a honey_mermaid. I heard that sometimes people suffer a lot when it rains too long. 

    Anyway rain is a good thing for our planet so if it is a special season for rains, it should be accepted my us :) Nature does't create useless things and activities on our planet!:) 

    Don't forget your umbrella!

  • I like rainy season too. Would you please do some corrections.

  • It's the same over here. It's the rainy season or what we call the monsoon season. It's been raining nearly everyday, and some areas had experienced flood. 

  • Good! Need attention for corrections.
    Keep it up.

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