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#STAY HOME #Saves Life

  • Stay at home - for your safety, for others safety.
    Spend quality time with your loved ones.
    Dont follow/spread fake information, shut down the tv as well, as it may cause more panic.
    Spend more time with yourself.
    Stop bullying/criticizing/judging others- everyone is living their lives, you too. Instead grow some good habits. Plant a new tree, tell a new story to your kid, inculcate a good habits in them, read a new book, take a new hobby.
    Stay safe. Let the world heal.
    Love <sanjit>
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Corona virus (covid 19)

  • Corona virus is the major problems right now in the world.EveryWhere all over the countries faced this virus. People are not serious about that because they don't know how fast this virus can killed their life.first of all our country one of them Bangladesh the asian small large density and population country in the lot of people don't know properly about corona virus they don't maintain social distance safe hand sanitation or anything.already 3233 people affected corona virus and 120 peaople has dead.that's why you are very worrying right now? Our economic conditions is not good. Day by day peaple worked and survive their life support family. But now is not going on it’s lackdown.                    
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