Corona virus (covid 19)

Corona virus (covid 19)
  • Corona virus is the major problems right now in the world.EveryWhere all over the countries faced this virus. People are not serious about that because they don't know how fast this virus can killed their life.first of all our country one of them Bangladesh the asian small large density and population country in the lot of people don't know properly about corona virus they don't maintain social distance safe hand sanitation or anything.already 3233 people affected corona virus and 120 peaople has dead.that's why you are very worrying right now? Our economic conditions is not good. Day by day peaple worked and survive their life support family. But now is not going on it’s lackdown.                    
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Sanjit kumar ghosh

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  • Kimon achon Sanjit Kumar Gosh? People are serious about it, believe me, Sanjit. The lockdown seems to take more time than expected. Some of us depend on the daily income. We are unable to support our families. Other people have money but they want out. They are bored between four walls. Sanjit, is it possible to be one of your friends? 

    • Thanks  

  • Hi Sanjit, 

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  • It is well written. good

    though I am not also not good in English. But I want to point out a minor mistake you did in this blog.

    - There should be space after full stop. 

    - Coronavirus has no space. 

    - is the major problems. problem

    - how fast this virus can killed their life. kills

    - asian should have capital first letter  Asain 

    peaople = people

     Our economic conditions is not good. conditions are\ condition is

    - Lockdown

    I hope you will get my points. 

    Keep writing, you and we will improve day by day. 

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