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How to say You're welcome in Spanish

This tutorial will guide you on how to say You're welcome in Spanish. It's used as a polite response to thanks. Spanish dictionary is a giant source for meanings of words and phrases. You can use it to look up for new words.

You're welcome in Spanish

There are several different ways to say it.

1. De nada

It literally means of nothing/about nothing. It's a common and standard way.
As you might notice, there is no verb in this phrase. So the way it is said or written doesn’t change regardless of the person you speak to.

2. Por nada

It is roughly translated as "it’s nothing"

It's commonly used in Latin American countries.

3. No hay de qué

It means "nothing to thank for". It's a common phrase which is more polite than "de nada".

4. "a la orden" or "a su/tu orden" 

It means "at your command/at the command"

This phrase means that if there is anything else that you can help, you will be very much willing to do it at the person's command.

So that is how to say You're welcome in Spanish. If you have any other problems when learning Spanish, leave a comment below.

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