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October Game

My dear friends! We will be gaming here from now on. Peppo is the first to ask her question and let's start with ROUND 1 again.

So, here are the categories:

1. Culture/traditions/customs.

2. Literature/language.

3. Nature/animals/pets.

4. Science/engineer

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Round 30. It is a noun

My dear friends! As I happened to win the previous round,  I will start another and I hope you don't mind Tanya's repyling for me if I am busy at work.

So, my word is a noun.

1. It somehow relates to medicine. It is the first clue.

2. It is not any dise

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My Word is an Uncountable Noun

Hi, my friends! Dear Onee asked me to be the host, so, here is your task.

1. It is an uncountable noun.

2. It relates to medicine, but it is not a disease.

3. It relates to pshychiatry, some phobia.

4. It doesnt start with d-g - n - c -t - h.

5. It may ar

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