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Names have mostly special meaning.

What does your name mean in your language and in English?

Tell us is there any occasion;reason behind your name?

Do you like your name?

If you had chance to choose another name as a new one, What would you like then?

Thanks of your fair share; dear friends! 

_ anele ; anele: to anoint

_ Arif saeed ; Arif : mystic

Dewan ; Dewan: prime minister

_ Hafsa : One of the wives of prophet Mohammad's name 

Kyuri : It's a Japanese word and it means cucumber

M.Adaway ; Mohamed: Islam messenger,prophet Mohammad's name

_ Mahgol : moon flower

_ Nadira :

_ NaeVi :comes from naevus(mark on the skin) , one naevus in my face that is luck.

_ Naveed for you; Naveed: news of hope

_ nisha ; vanessa: victorious, kind of buttterfly

_ Sahar : dawn

_ Sara : As for my name 'Sara' bears different meanings in different languages,  Originally it comes from the Bible, the name of Ibrahim's wife meaning 'cut from sin & evil' in Hebrew, something like the meaning of "Fatemeh' in Arabic  means one who is ascending or 'my princess'. In Persian it means pure and benevolent woman,  to the perfection.

_ rainbow83's (Loubna) :  styrax

_ tHe uLtImAtE ; Reda: satisfaction

 _ Vania : magnificent gift from Allah هدیه باشکوه خداوند

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  • Thanks Rainbow!

    Nice meaning!

  • Loubna=Styrax offinalis  is a shrub native to southern Europe and the Middle East. The same species is considered to occur native to California (a Mediterranean-American disjunct distribution). The California varieties Styrax officinalis subsp. redidivus (Torrey) H. Howard and Styrax officinalis subsp. fulvescens (Styracaceae) have generally been regarded as the same species, but recent molecular analysis has suggested that they may be diverged to the point of being separate species.[1] It has a simple, relaxed form, with very thin elliptical leaves 5–10 cm long and 3.5-5.5 cm wide, alternate and widely spaced on thin, reddish stems, with a tight, dark bark on basal stems. A small very light green, stalked axillary bud is associated with each leaf. The inflorescence is short and few-flowered.[2] It is the "official" source of styrax, an herbal medicine known from ancient times. Some believe it to have been the stacte used together with frankincense,galbanum, and onycha to make Ketoret, the Tabernacle incense of the Old Testament.[3]

    • rainbow,

      Loubna thank you for sharing complete information.

    • thank u too ,it's a very nice discussion!

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    • Nice meanings, Sara!

    • hi dear Sara,  I'm glad to see meet you here.

      very nice and complete definition,2393698146?profile=original

  • By the way, what does "Sib" mean itself (of course not in Persian)?

    • Persian!


      Why didn't we know her!


    • Sib in English?

      Might it related to sibling? sister and brother,ha?

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