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I'm Writing Your Name.

Fairuz - I'm Writing Your Name


I'm writing your name my darling
On the old poplar
You're writing my name my darling
In the sand on the path
And tomorrow it will rain
On the wounded stories
Your name will remain my darling
And my name will be erased
I talk a

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There Goes My Every thing

"There Goes My Everything" Englebert HumperdinkI hear footsteps slowly walking,As they gently walk across a lonely floor,And a voice is softly saying,Darling, this will be good-bye for ever more.CHORUS:There goes my reason for living,There goes the o

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I was born to love you.

Many are those who fall in love but few are those who live it eternally.Love, love and love! What a misterious power that moved hearts, shaded tears and flew inks.Love, the heart engine, leads to everlasting masterpieces such us: poems songs and stor

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You're bigger than me

Backstreet Boys-BiggerFirst off I cant keep a promiseI'm no one to count on at allAdd on that I'm a cowardToo scared to return your calls[Chorus]But you don't careYou keep sticking aroundWhile I'm acting a clownYou're biggerLalalaCuz you're still her

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