How Many Birds?!

A group of birds are flying in the sky.A butterfly sees them and asks:How many are you?!The leader of the birds answers:"We and we and half of us, half of our half, if you come with us, we would be 100!!"...Now please you answer!How many are the birds?

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  • Well done Pari!
    It is right exactly!
    You are not only smart but also very good at math!
  • Oh! I can't see your answer by my mobile, Pari!
    Guess my computer must be turned on certainly.
    Give me time, please. I will check it surely.
    • dear friend, I think there was also some problem with my internet connection and as you saw my reply was incompelet, so don't worry.

      i repeat my answer again, 36.

  • Think more please, Pari!
  • 99

    • It is a math question and it needs making an equation for it. please focus more on this sentence:

      "We & We & Half of us & Half of our Half & You = 100!"

      Now, how many are they?

    • Ok, Sahar jan, before my first answer I did the same as you said, but the result wasn't a whole number, so I thought maybe there is something wrong with it, i did it in this way: assume

This reply was deleted.