My Dogs Want to Meet You

This is Chevy and he eats mango fruit as soon as they fall. We did not name him because he had the name when we adopted him. He is a full blooded American Water Spaniel. Tonight he had some sweet peppers, cucumber, carrots and pieces of broccoli that were cut up small and I shared a little with the dogs.

This one is named Bear. He was a stray that was dumped near my work as a puppy. He stayed around several businesses and lived off of people's scraps. When he started chasing the big trucks I decided to bring him home before he would be hit by a truck or car. He likes raw vegetables too but not fruit so much. Bear is a mixed breed dog of unknown parents.

The smallest one is Scruffy. We adopted him from the Humane Society who had saved him from being put to death. The stray dogs in the city are kept a week or two at most and then killed if nobody claims them. Scruffy is either pure Cairn Terrier or mostly Cairn Terrier. He is very smart and loves to ride in boats or on his surf board. He also eats vegetables if I am eating them and share with him. The veggies tonight were left from when we had some guests over and some were too old and mushy for people, but he ate all the peppers, carrots, and mushy slices of cucumber that I would let him have.

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  • I love dogs and have a golden retriever, he always wants me to touch him, 7/24 we live together almost eyes to eyes :)))

    I guess it is being trouble to pet them at the same time, walking, eating, bathing etc,,,

  • Dear Bob! Hi, my friend!  How are you doing there, in Sauda? Your dogs are great and I wonder if they are vegeterians! Do they eat any meat ? Most of all, I like your spaniel. I had the same dog but it was a female one. She was an American spaniel and her name was Jessy. She lived long happy playful life and died playing. I miss her till now. What a pity, they can't stay with us till the end of our days!

    Wow! I'd like to acquainte my cats with your dogs! My cats are like dogs. They behave, love people, follow people, are easily- educated and so on. So, what about that? :)

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    • That can be a problem Ramona.  We had a dog when I was young that watched us work in our garden and decided he should eat some of our red peppers.  I found out because I went out and his water bucket was almost empty.  While I looked for a leak in the bucket, he came running up to drink some more and was still chewing on a pepper.  He ran back into the garden while I was noticing the pepper stems which he had been leaving near the water bucket.  He didn't always manage to only get a pepper but also broke off part of the plant stem with it. It was then that I first saw him picking another hot red pepper with his teeth and chewing it.

      I had to fix the gate where he had learned to make it open and afterward, be very careful when going in the garden.  The pepper must have burned his mouth because of the way he was quickly drinking down his water, but he would not stop eating them whenever he could get a chance.  I think he found out about them because my father would throw the damaged ones out of the garden and the dog must have thought it was being thrown to him.  :)

  • I think it is much better that Mystery can climb on a guitar instead of looking for garbage to eat in the streets. A person who will save a helpless cat or a dog is a person full of love and compassion to help others and little animals I like people who will stop on a busy road and move a frightened turtle to safety instead of letting it be killed. I always knew that you were the helping kind of person :-) You helped me so much when I first joined here too. That is why you are a STAR member.
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