Pets Club is a place for pet lovers. Here we can share everything about our pets, introduce our pets, sharing useful tips to care for our pets. For my friends who do not have pets, but like to see pets you invited to join. Let's talk about PETS
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  • 2386889927?profile=originalNice little dog !

  • 2386889909?profile=originalMy dog, Hungary Vizsla

  • My sister, who has both cats and dogs, just sent me this funny blog post that she found on the internet.  I think you will enjoy it!! 


    Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving
    Packing all of your belongings into a U-Haul and then transporting them across several states is nearly as stressful and futile as ...
  • mum and babies
  • 2382092476?profile=original
  • Dear Hua! I,too, am very sorry about your dog! Being an aged woman I lived through that pain many times and I still remember all my pets who passed away! However, when we adopt them, we should be ready to see them dying. On the other hand, they give us such bright moments I can't refuse from! I still have pets and will have them while I am alive.

  • I am so sorry HuAhUa,:((((

    But, unfourtunately, one day we all will face to the same pain.


  • my 2 cats


  • hi dear friends,

    i'm glad to joind this lovely club even i havnn't anymore any pets.But i like them very much especially cats and dogs.I used to have cats when i was child but she is died.I'm planning to have an other one ;)

    Have a good day.  

  • Very interesting group dear Karenina! Thanks Adnan for invitation!
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My Dogs Want to Meet You

This is Chevy and he eats mango fruit as soon as they fall. We did not name him because he had the name when we adopted him. He is a full blooded American Water Spaniel. Tonight he had some sweet peppers, cucumber, carrots and pieces of broccoli that were cut up small and I shared a little with the dogs.This one is named Bear. He was a stray that was dumped near my work as a puppy. He stayed around several businesses and lived off of people's scraps. When he started chasing the big trucks I…

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Let me present my pet to you. My puppy.

I have got two cats and a puppy. Let me introduce my dog first. It's a Yorkshire terrier that will become a small dog.The puppy has got a fine, silky coat. In comparison with many other breeds, Yorkies do not shed their coats to the same degree, so they are hipoallergenic.Here she is:At this photo Vivi is about six months. She is gnawing a kind of artificial bone.My pet was bought in Poland. Why in Poland? The answer is simple and maybe unexpected - because in this country different things,…

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