This group aims at providing tips for improving personality of the group members. It also entertains debates and deliberations on the tips or any personality related matter.
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  • Hello!

    Nice Group :)

  • ramiz, you are registered with my skype account..

  • Hello, I am disclosing the mysterious question I asked `what is that one common thing (mistake in my posting `think` wrongly typed) about personality care that is very common for all humans in the universe? 

    The reply is `our personality stays with us for 24 x 7, from birth to death`. 

    This also means that we have it all the time and that gives us opportunity to groom it all the time whenever `we desire`. However, it is said that the things which we possess so close, is generally neglected. We cannot afford this to happen with our personality !

    Enjoy !


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Personality development - an enlightening experience

Some subjects have now lost its charisma, personality development is one such topic. This is because everyone looks at it as a short term activity and with some short sighted objective in mind. Nothing wrong to start with, however, one needs to understand that personality development is a continuous process and needs a focused approach towards it.One tool which is used for personality is SWOT analysis. This is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  My observation is people even at…

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Enriching Spiritual Part

Dear all,In the last discussion, I have shared four segments of our personality that need to be attended as per Covey. It has been observed that the most important segment that is `spiritual part` of our personality is the most neglected one in human life today. Our sufferings / pains are the symptoms of this `missing` part. One needs to understand this before getting into actual learning.There is log of ignorance among human being, and more with literate world, about the concept of…

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Personality segments which we must focus

Stephen Covey, a great management GURU, suggested to take care of following four sections of our personality. This definitely helps us in terms of self development as each sub area under main section can be focused and taken up for corrections, if any.`7 habits of highly effective people` is a very good book to read.Enjoy!Physical:Beneficial eating, exercising, and restingSocial/Emotional:Making social and meaningful connections with othersMental:Learning, reading, writing, and…

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