• Why?!
    • hahahahaha:D
    • Yes, of course I know! 2 times.

      But the last time was 5 times itself because of its Sooooo with 5 “O”!

    • u know how many times u ve bin called naughty?? lol
  • Oh! Don’t worry about it, dear!

    You won’t be missed among those names!

    We can know you easily from your nice heart that brings such beautiful sentences for us every time.




    Crayons can create every dream that they want with each other.

  • So, we must consider a cup for him!!


    • for HIM?!!!!!!!but what about me?imagine if i wasn't here!!!would this discussion last till now?!!!!!!!!!!T_T
  • Maybe!! Who knows?!

    • I sinderella you are was darius exactly.cause i saw that ghost again in Ec chatroom.he said has seen him in EC and was hiding himself between the population in main room.poor thing was so afraid and pale O_O...i'm confused as well as you are guys O_O

      let's look for a solution...
    • A solution! Good!!

      But what's on your mind?!

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