• Sinderella!

  • Slaves!!

    Oh! My God!!

    Really, aren’t there any slaves there?!

    Then, how is this Khabisdom?!

    Poor that khabisdom that is searching for slaves in this way everywhere.

    We have many slaves and of course we are so generous too!

    How many slaves are needed?!

  • Or you could be slaves for that khabisdom !
  • Sinderella!!


  • How much girls care for Darius! How popular he is!!! 


    • How many Girls?!

      Oh!! You are right!

      Why didn't I pay attention to it before?!

      And we have only one here who is not Girl!

    • :->
    • I don’t know why every where that I see this picture I remember your name!

    • Because it is the most famous khabisly smile in whole world.  :->
    • Ok!

      But what is your role here?!

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