What did you chat on the mains today?

26th OctoberI was on the mains for more than two hours I guess, it was interesting, newcomers both learners and fluent speakers . Most were dormantthe few of us were interacting the normal introductions, little discussions about ideas of traveling initiated by Anita.There was Pradeep asking us how it would be inside a coal mine?I was so happy and had a pleasant surprise when Karenina joined in too at the mains.As we met after a considerable time.Will keep you all updated with the next chat, and would love to know about your success and hopes in the My EC chat room, tooIt would be too boring hearing only about my adventures and misadventures , at the mains , don't you think?So do post in your activities at the chat room , through My EC Progress.

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  • I read   a  suggested  topic by  Dimas written sometime  back   http://www.myenglishclub.com/group/chat/forum/topics/what-are-inter...

    There  was not much  response  today  as  the members  at  the chat  is a trickle  at  the moment  ... Croco  answered  the  question  saying it  was  the  Universal  Studio in his  country .  yet to come  the day  is young  at t he  chat  :)

    Mine is  the  ancient  monuments  relics  in  my country  and  the  sandy  beaches  

  • Today February 27th 

    E were discussing  verb stems  , and constructed sentences  in the presnet continous, past continous, past  tense

    We made  some progress in sentence builidng using "called off"

    active with me was Amit Yadav  / Raja Shekhar / Melody


  • Today at the mains , I was busy being postman Pat by posting my link to my new blog. 

    Chatting  on the mains. When I was there earlier on, we chatted about the importance of family .


    We had  voice chat  through conference on Skype with teacher Anne 

    Dreamer man , Ali, Peaceful,Snow and myself  had  the opportunity  to chat with  Anne

    We introduced our selves today  and discussed about our professions.

    The   out come  of it  was   a success and looking  forward to the  next  business on line  with Ann and Karen on  December 20th 6pm GMT on chat  and  skype


  • hi folks 

    I have   been  obseving  nice and interesting casual conversation on the  the mains. .I suggested a  topic and if I can recollect....... any way there  was  silence again

    Do tell us  how  you all enjoyed at the mains today.and   topics  of  discussion, as  we  can take  it as a feed back to discuss agin  with other members

    All the best  for  a  very happy Saturday , chatting  on the mains.






  • !6th Nov
    Obama and I was having fun on the mains today giving answers to statements based on few idioms.
  • It was not me on the mains today. I do chat sometimes but was very busy for few weeks lately and had not been to my computer.
  • Hey Nadira,
    The few last times I was in the main we welcome 3 new members and the most intersting topic was about Nanotechnology I wished you were there Nadira Dreamer Man knows many things about it, was intersting :)
  • thanx dear .....
  • Hello Nadira,
    I usually like in the chat room talking with friends about why and how to learn and improve Englisih. I met many friends who are from a variety of different fields that would be good and interesting for me to learn some from their profession and provide myself a good chance to practice English at the same time. Thanks for adding this discussion.
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