Hi everyone.

First of all, as I am new here, I want to thank Tara for adding such a useful group here. We can SEE with out own eyes how we are progressing on the path of learning and practicing English.

Recently, just within a few days, I have finished reading the book "Daddy-Long-Legs" by Jean Webster. I have read the English script.

I have to add that the first days, I was on the first page looking up the new words and writing them out on the margins. Then, I couldn't bear not to go through the whole book much faster, so I decided to skip the words I don't know and just try to guess whenever I don't know a word. I was really excited to go along with Judy Abbot of the story. I enjoyed a lot her being lovely and lively. I guess you all have read a script of this book, or watched its cartoon, yet it is again fun to go through the English script and read about Judy's adventurous letters.

Now, tell us if you've finished a book in English recently, or if you've started to read one.

Have a nice time.


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  • i'm start today i hope i'll enjoy...

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