Your Meal on Dinner Today

MyEC friends, let us share our meals today here as we are gathering to eat together. Have you ever gone with friends to a picnic? and you have prepared food and snakes to take with you? so, share your preparations with us :)

Glig Graphics Glig Graphics 

This is my meals on dinner :P

Glig Graphics Glig Graphics

And this is my hand-made sweet

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  • Nice photo!


    Must we add the photo of our food here?!


    I didn't take a photo from our lunch and dinner today!

    But our lunch was duck with pomegranate inside it and rice.

    And the dinner was spaghetti!

    They were so delicious :)

    I had them with my mom, dad and brother.

    • :P I love it. So yummy it seems... I wish if u could take a photo of it .

  • It is artificial  

    • Thank you U Shaikh, we are waiting your dinner photo ;)

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