I created this group just to know what are your status, feelings, emotions, and thoughts. It's a place where we face each others daily. Log in with your own words about weather in your country, your internal feelings, or maybe some greetings toward someone in MyEC. Everyday you access to MyEC, just come here, tell us what are you feeling in this moment. Dear friends, it's for you not for me to meet each other face to face.

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Happy New Year 2014

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  • Hello All 

    came  to this  group after long time ...We can serve the purpose of Bright  Rubies creating this  group by interacting and getting to know  each other once again .  

    Last  couple  of  years have not been active  as  I  used to .

    As   EC  is like a second home will always trail back 

    How about you all do take a moment  and share with us 

  • hello, I'm a new member on this group, I'm so glad can share my feeling, my emotion and I hope you all can help me and give solutions :D

    now, I very confuse to find reference for my research :'(

    so anyone know about KWHHL strategy(know, want to know, head word, heart word) by Susan szabo? if you know, please give me the reference or journal about it..

  • Hello friends! I'm a new member of this group and I'd like to share a beautiful sentence for the first time:

    If you can't fly then run.

    If you can't run then walk.

    If you can't walk then crawl.

    But whatever you do, you have to keep

    MOVING FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Ha, I'm so glad to see you in this forgotten group. I feel very pleasure now. I feel a little bit sad to feel your disappearance. I miss you so much, please, don't be late  :)

    for your answer yes it is 5 but there is another number to beside the 5.


  • H Heaven, I'm so glad to see you here. I love rain so much, too. Lovely status you have. We always feel happier with raining. I feel as if it removes all darkness in our souls :)

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  • Hi dear bright-rubies, Thanks so much for the invitation, I'm glad to join your group :)

  • Glig Graphics Scarlett, welcome in my group. I'm so glad to see you with us sweety :) hehehehe really it's so funny. Maybe her head will be lost although she is a new member :d 

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  • Thank dear Bright-Rubies for kindly inviting me to join here with you guys. 

    Dear, I really like the picture above with flowers' story :) look at that newbie! haha... what's happening with her/his head? 

  • Dear Sahar, you are welcome in my group. I'm so glad that you like my photo, I'm waiting for anything special from you ..

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  • Hello dear Bright
    Thanks for invitation.
    It is really nice group.
    I love this idea to be in touch with each other and say about our day.
    And also I really liked the Daily Photo that 2 girls hair are tied with each other.
    It is so beautiful and has deep meaning :)
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