Complete the story!!!

Hi guys,Lets all make a story .Imaginary one.How to play:Every member should write one sentence that is related to other member'previous sentence to make a meaningful story.I will start:My sentence is :(There was a knock,)WHO'snext

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  • Suddenly, one woman run into the door , She yelled :
  • But it wasn't only the ringing of the phone. I heard laughing.
    On one corner of the room, I saw people gathered playing cards. Two kids are crying ...and
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    you cant see anything cuz i turned off the lights


    • And I was thinking what I can do for stop me fear....

    • The phone was ringing .
    • i scared and slowly slowly moved toward phone.

    • Elf noor..welcome

      The constant sound of the phone was driving me up the wall.
  • I'm next

    ("Who could it be at this very night?" I asked to myself.)
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      "it can be only stranger in the night, behind the door"

    • "but I am not sure that he is stranger in the night so I will not open the door" I said.
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