TASK 1 - Let's introduce ourselves

Hello guys,


Since we all will work together, we should first of all introduce ourselves, which I personally consider the best start.

Dear members, your FIRST TASK will be to introduce yourself, to tell us something about you, be it private information or some general introduction - it is up to you.

I hope you will be not afraid of this task because in my opinion atmosphere of this group will be more friendly, if we know at least something about each other from the beginning.

As for this task I made one decission and I hope you will still like me - this time there won't be any text to read because I simply consider basic introduction the most important thing and everybody including the beginners should be able to say: "My name is...... , I am ...... years old and I live in ....., my hobbies are...  " etc. 

In case you would feel little bit lost, you can check these links :



Let me add that it is up to you - you can read the text you prepared or you can talk by heart. 

And the last but not least, I would be glad, if every new member would go through this task, so that we would get to know something about them, no matter if it is in two weeks or two months. 



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  • Hi guys, here's my introduction sound record.


  • Hello,this is mine :


    • Hi Hamza,

      thanx for introducing yourself, now you are no more anonymous in here :D and ok ok wont praise you over and over again but your English is really very good. Thanx for sharing! (Even though you were under the pressure since I forced you :-D )

    • Hi Luci,

      Make it under pressure better than testing your patience :-D

      Best regrads :) .

  • Lmao!!!!! Well, first of all thank you for singing, universal "ec girl" :D m sure u dedicated this song to your first blonde chicken u slept wid every night :D omgggg u will kill me one day!! Looking forward to your another post!!!
  • Hello Luci that's my audio introduction, i am so sorry about the poor quality of my voice, i am not well.


    • Thank you for your record!!! Guess you have cold, ha? Get better soon, girl. You spoken English is ok and I was glad to hear you!!
  • Hi Luci,this is my first activity listening ''TASK 1 - Let's introduce ourselves'', that is awesome and it's helpfull to me....

    Thanx Luci..

  • hi, here is my task one:


    hope its good enough

    • Ajlalajl,
      thanx for record, I like it and I consider your speaking ok!! Looking forward to your another records!
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