One of Harry 's feet was bigger than the other ."I can never find boots and shoes for my feet ", he said to his friend Dick .
' Why don't you go to a shoemaker ? Dick said . "A good one can make you the right shoes ."
' I 've never been to a shoemaker ," Harry said . Aren't they very expensive ?
No' Dick said , some of them aren't . There 's a good one in our village , and he's quite cheap .
Hear's his address . He wrote something on a piece of paper and gave it to Harry .
Harry went to the shoemaker in Dick 's village a few days later , and the shoemaker made him some shoes .
Harry went to the shop again a week later and looked at the shoes . Then he said to the shoemaker angrily , you 're a silly man ! I said , Make one shoe bigger than other '',
But you 've made one smaller than the other !!!

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  • His idea was that he make a shoe that both of them be equal in appear but in into they must not equal !?

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