Instagram is a great place for eye-catching information. Practicing English is easy, and fun here! Words of the day, quotes, quizzes, contests, challenges, and more are just a click away. This group is to connect each other with another form of social media. The more the merrier! :)

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How do you use social media to practice or improve language?

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  • Did everyone share their Instagram name? Have you followed JenESL760?  What type of information would you like to see?

    xo Happy Monday

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  • yes,you're right after all.

    Sorry,and don't take offence, OK?

    For that matter it's none of my business. 

    By the way, you speak American English, I take it.

    I didn't know but now I'm aware.

    Well, there are so many ways to speak English you know.

    Thank you for compliments.

  • Dufourmentel, thanks for your comment! I love your dedication and passion for learning English. I always encourage proper English, to practice the language.... but everyone is entitled to write as they like, you included. This is a place to connect, share language, passions, and help one another! :)

  • Thank you Jennifer for inviting me to sign up in your group.
    I wish it will quickly increase.
    May I suggest your members to write English properly?
    I mean avoid lazy writing
    no respect of grammar rules
    for example ‘i’ instead of ‘I’ ‘english’ instead of ‘English’ and so on.
    ‘wanna’ instead of ‘want to’
    I cannot bear this sort of English writing whereas I learnt so rigorously did you? 
    natives can afford this kind of lightness but not novices.
    I come amongst you because I hope to meet with higher level writers
    than me and so brush my language knowledge up (polish it up), do you?
    I wish few ones thought like me.
    share ideas with like-minded people it energizes me.

    I like everything (to be) just so
    in other words properly arranged.
    what do you think about?
    Thank you for taking in account my suggestions.

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