We have all read many books on geography, but we still have problems. With this group we can share ideas about our countries' geographies.
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  • 2382964557?profile=originalski run in Bardonecchia (Torino) Italy.  Olympic Winter games 2006 location
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  • The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,101 islands and islets. In Southeast Asia. Neighbor to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan. Hongkong.

    Three main islands - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Mindanao in the south is predominantly Muslim. So, they are now celebrating their Eid L Fitr. Visayas is a composite of islands and islets. Luzon is the biggest with inland provinces. I am from Central Luzon.

    The people of the Philippines is called Pilipinos. We speak different dialects, but predominantly, speak Tagalog. One has to learn to speak the Tagalog vernacular because it is the center of spoken language here. Just like the English language that must be spoken by all people of the world to understand one another.

    Our form of government is Presidential and bicameral - just like in the United States.

    Ours is one of the longest coastal areas in the world. Many beaches and have lots of water to play water games like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet ski, etc.

    Next time, I hope to give more interesting facts about our country. I'll get the facts in order for all to know and learn about us.
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  • I was named after my father whose name was Beverley -- that used to be a more common name for a man but today it is mostly used for females. There are other people who use the name Bev Anne out there although I don't personally know any at the moment. I just know that often when I try to use my name as a user name for Email addresses or on some websites it has already been taken.
  • I must say you are the first Bev Anne I have ever met. And I really like the sound of it. It is a tradition in some English-speaking countries to use two names together. My sister was named Sue Anne by my mother. She was Sue Anne until she moved away from home. Now she is just Sue. It is usually women who use the two joined names, but in the South in the USA there are many men who have double names, like Billy Joe.
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MONGOLIA AND gengis khan

Hello guys,I am very interested to know much more is possible about MONGOLIA.It is very attractive for me, and I read a some books about Mongolia and Gengis Khan.Please let me know the costumes and traditions of this country. By By

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