Irregular Verbs

ExampleI wore an sweatshirt at the 2010 Olympics.I wonder if Anna's family has eaten this cake yet?The photo moderator has chosen the featured photo for this month's MyEC newsletter.Learn more about irregular verbs here.Irregular Verb ListNow write your own example sentences. Your sentences should be about's community. Be sure to include links where possible. This will make your example interactive and memorable.

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  • I've just found this discussion via Facebook.
    • Awesome! To make your example more interactive you could add a link to EC's Facebook page:

      "I've just found this discussion via Facebook."
  • There are many English lessons able to be got/gotten at English Club. You can also join My English Club to make friends with any others from different countries. Today, I have made friends with many people worldwide through My EC.
  • 1. Sometimes ago his enemies badly hurt him.

    2. Yesterday I forgot to put some money in charity pox.

    3. Day before yesterday Anele left a beautiful card on my page.

    4. On her birthday Anna ate home baked cake.

    5. Yesterday Talibah wrote her latest blog.

    6. A few days ago I went to the park in my neighborhood for evening walk.
  • Great sentences!
  • When I saw the real picture of one my friends here, I was shocked !
  • One day, when I was chatting with one of my friends in EC, I understood that he was the ex-friend of mine in disguise of another ID.
    • Very interesting! Great example!
  • I wrote a essay yesterday. Then I had lunch with my parents; afterwards, I read a book. Next, I went with my friends for a walk and we drank a coffe. I was a lovely afternoon.
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