• Dear Bia 

    thanks for sharing it with us:)as i see CEF is a course as teacher's proficiency.

    i have some questions:

    1-Is CEF only meant to be for teachers?

    2-how long will it last?

    wish you luck and success and hope to see you more often here:)

    • Hi Everyone.

      The CEF or Common European Framework it a means of identifying the level of all exams within Europe.  For English language they use the descriptors A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.  A1 is for entry level exams or scores with C2 being the highest professional level.

      Therefore Employers, Colleges and Universities can identify the level of English of a prospective student or employee.

      I have enclosed a table demonstrating this.  As you will see 8 of the most popular exams are listed and their CEF descriptor.2392975016?profile=original

    • thanks T Mal 

      what a complete explanation!!

      as i got, the table shows the levels of CEF equivalent to other exams of English..for example getting C2 is equal to getting CPE from Cambridge..right?

  • i have recently taken part in  two weeks session  held by Armenian National Institute, and there we got introduced with this CEF. Armenia has integrated into European Schooling system , and we want to better our teachers' knowledge by holding different seminars and teacher training sessions.

    • HI Bia

      I have been working with the CEF for some years.  if you want to get a group of teachers together I can hold a seminar type Q&A session in my online classroom if you wish.

      Just let me know


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