My Lord! Protect us from Devil

Life has gone by in describing your name,Yet, the heart of mine still full of shameI am badly entangled in devil's handPlease protect, my Lord! from devil's game.He always tries to derail my life's trainThe goal I have, never lets me gainHe applies all his tricks to make me insanePlease pull me out, my God! from devil's chain.My Lord! I have very sensitive feelingI don't know the tricky way of livingPeople enjoy playing with my feelingPlease hold me, my Lord! I am falling!The colour of life has made us blindIt increases selfishness and makes us unkindThe death angel standing our behindPlease forgive us, my Lord! and make us kind!

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  • Wow, you are a real poet! Well done!

    • Thank dear Inna for encouraging me. It's just a beginning :D
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