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Reality with sugar

Reality with sugar


Live a life is so hard.

All time we are occupied with how much time,

How many money, how many things for to do,

Success live, success by !

Definitions, definitions, verbs, what is the best way,

What is the last way?

Statistics, afraid, n

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My sweet crazyness

My sweet crazyness

You are not alone,

You are not full,

You are no cool,

But you are in you?

Or you are in a bird

Crossing the desert life,

Singing a bad song,

Seeing a sea of people around

Or you are in a dream,

Full of you

Selfish, you are

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Reconstruct me

Reconstruct me

No, I can not see in your eyes, but mines are full of tears.

No, I can not see in your mind, but mine is full of you.

No, no, I can not give up!

No, I can not say, walk through th

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My Lord! Protect us from Devil

Life has gone by in describing your name,Yet, the heart of mine still full of shameI am badly entangled in devil's handPlease protect, my Lord! from devil's game.He always tries to derail my life's trainThe goal I have, never lets me gainHe applies a

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~*~Falling in Love~*~


I'm thinking about you,
a little more each day.
Holding on a little tighter,
to all the words you say.2352889568?profile=original

Every day I miss you,
more than the day before.
Our time together I love;
and I'm wanting even more.2352889568?profile=original

I used to dream of you,
as I lay in bed each nig

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How to Fall In Love

It's not easy for me to write poetry.............but let's give it a try.

How to Fall In Love

In the ocean of love 
In the temple of heart 
Ever dive or get into to know 
How to fall in love 

Ever two hearts are  unite 
With just similarity of thoug

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Warm love with each verse keeps me laughing within my heart..
you're the most enticing colorful drawing of all my thoughts...
which only can see through my eyes forever..

it's made out of an enchanting sound of a song and
winsome beauty of a flower...

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