My traditional dish in my big family is " Bun Thang - Hanoi Chicken Vermicelli " !

   We have a traditional anniversary in my big family every year, every members from all close relatives families will come to my parent's house. And my great mom always cook a special traditional dish, it's called " Bun Thang " - Chicken vermicelli.

    Bun Thang is a kind of noodle which stands for Hanoi cuisine. Many people said, having this dish could help them know more about Hanoian. Hanoi cuisine is not simple, it is really finical. So look at “ Bun thang”.

( I download this photo from other site! )

    There are ingredients and everything should be very tiny and well-prepared: chicken, dried shrimps, Vietnamese Ham ( Gio Lua ), egg, white radish, green onion, laksa leaves, ginger, dried mushroom, fish sauce and Vietnamese shrimp paste, vinegar, Vietnamese vermicelli.

    These are my own photos about ingredients of Bun Thang !

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  • Thanks a lot Kanna !!!
    i wish I could have a bowl of Bun Bo Hue in Hue! Here some restaurants have such this dish, but i wonder how its taste in Hue because I have never visited your nice place !!!
  • Hi Grape hyacinths!

    Your Bun Thang bowl makes me feel so hungry.... 

    For me, my traditional dish in my family is Bun bo Hue- Hue's beef noodles soup.

    I'm living far from my family to continue my studying, whenever I go home, my mother cooks this dish for me. I'm proud of her because for me she's the best cook. :)

    Hue's beef noodles soup is one of the most special dishes in Hue. If you visit Hue, but you haven't eaten a bowl of this soup, it means you've never visited Hue. Hehe.


  • First, special thanks to mitran and noaslpls for liking my first own discussion!

    Noaslpls: I will send an email to tell you recipe ;)....or you want me to tell right now ?!?

    mitran: I loved your son too! I will require my children to answer my same question (about what i cooked) as cute as your son's answer!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Grappie .... I want the recipe and how to cook it :-)

  • Nice to meet you here.

  • too, I love "bun thang" so much. But..hihihi...My mom cannot cook it. Actually, hahaha...if I wanna eat it. I must cook for all my family. Of course, It's just so so...and you know, this thing is funny. I ask my son : How's it? and always require him to answer me like that : Mom, It's delicious because you cook it with "all your love"

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