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Hi, friends!

Being an English teacher I have a lot of useful material for this group. I will be posting everyday dialogues here and you may ask me any questions. Hope, it will be helpful.

So, here is the first one:


 I got a new computer

Bill: I got a new computer yesterday.

Robert: You got a new computer?

Bill: Yes, a new notebook computer.

Robert: Why didn't you get a desktop computer?

Bill: The notebook is light, and has a battery, so I can use it anywhere. I can use it on the train or the bus.

Robert: Isn't the keyboard too small to use?

Bill: It's compact, but I'll get used to it.

Robert: I think large keyboards are easier to use than small ones. Also, desktop computers are more powerful than notebooks.

Bill: That's true, but my notebook computer is powerful enough for me.

Robert: Aren't notebooks more expensive than desktop computers?

Bill: Yes, desktop computers are usually less expensive, but notebook computers are portable. I can use my notebook in any room, and when I'm done, I can put it away. You can't put away a desktop computer .

Robert: That's true, but my desktop computer doesn't take too much space. It's an iMac.

Bill: That's a cool computer. I bet my Windows notebook was cheaper than your iMac

Robert: You get what you pay for.

Bill: Funny.


You can also say "laptop" (notebook) and just "desktop"

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  • Hi, friends! Here is one more short dialogue for you.  I am also attaching the audio files for this and the previous dialogues. Enjoy!


    What happened?


    A: Hey, what happened to you?

    B: I broke my arm.

    A: Well, I can see that by your cast. How did it happen?

    B: I got hit by a car.

    A: You got hit by a car? How?

    B: Well, I was crossing the street and a car came around the corner pretty fast.

    A: Did you break anything else?

    B: No, just my arm. I got scrapes and bruises on my legs.

    A: That's too bad. I'm sorry to hear that.

    B: Thanks. I'll be alright.

    A: Hey, now's my chance to beat you in basketball.

    B: No, I'll still win.


    I got a new computer.mp3

    What happened.mp3

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      I really like this kind of conversations.because it will helpful for improve our spoken English. 

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    • My dear DM! I posted the original audio yesterday. JUst listen to it and you will find out your mistakes in pronounciation
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