2014b: Week 10b: Thursday, 13 November

Mini debate: Black goldThere is a movie called, "Black Gold". It is not about oil, but this time it is about another product that also bring in much foreign currency into some countries: coffee! You have to look at the worksheet before you can comment.

13 - 10b - Mini debates - Black Gold.pdf

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  • Hello, John. Next lesson we will going to talk about a very meaningful topic: coffee grow farmers are faced a lot of plight. This topic is related to our life. Firstly: I like the documentary very much, such as ‘China on the tip of the tongue’ and some foreign documentaries. I think documentary can extend our vision, through a real and interesting way. Secondly, I very like to drink coffee, and even addicted to it sometime. But I often drink instant coffee in the supermarket, rather than starbucks. Starbucks coffee is too expensive, and inconvenient. Thirdly, Fair coffee trade should let the coffee cooperations get less profit, make coffee farmers to get more profits. Coffee farmers can change the way of production, not just the export raw coffee beans. As a consumer, I still hope that the price of coffee can be more cheaper. Lastly, the reason why of the price of coffee is very expensive, because the demands of coffee is more and more big, there are more and more convenient traffic way. Goodbye teacher, looking forward to next class.。
    • Wow, Zhou Yuqi, you planned your comment up to the last few minutes; you are the last comment being made before the new cut-off time! Be careful next time ...! Yes, I also like documentaries as it teaches me so much; but I hope you don't also think we are going to watch one tomorrow, as we wouldn't! Oh, so you also like coffee? I agree that instant coffee is cheaper, but I think Starbucks coffee is nicer! How can you say that Starbucks coffee is inconvenient?! When I am at the airport, I always drink Starbucks coffee as it is so convenient to me to buy a cup and walk away with it (if I don't want to sit there). So, I don't understand why you say it is inconvenient! But for the coffee being so expensive, I think in China it is because China is still a newcomer to the coffee culture and not growing much coffee yet and therefore we have to pay more. But more farmers are planting coffee nowadays. So, it is becoming more and more popular here (which I am glad about as I love coffee!).

  • good evening,teacher.i have seen your reply.i think there are some misunderstandings about naonao restaurant.because that is the first party,so many students are not familiar with each other.that only want them to know more friends.about the noisy,i want to say.there are some boys who are too active.you know our northeasterner in china is very enthusiasm and hospitable.the men also have large capacity for liquor.i hope you can understand that.
    • No Betty, I do not understand. And I will never understand this drinking culture of the Chinese men. All I know about that, is that most men misbehave when they drink like that. They think it is normal, but it is NOT normal. They shout and make excessive noise so that other customers (who, by the way, also pay for their food) can't even hear their own friends talking (like what'd happened to me and my friends). So, they only think about themselves with NO respect for others - totally selfish. And if they were older men, they would also smoke, also with no regard for others whose health they are endangering with their selfish habit. And did you know how many married men beat their wives when they get home in these conditions (being under the influence of alcohol). Last week, on Thursday, when I walked from the campus at around 7pm, a man came out from another restaurant not far from Naonao's and he shouted at his wife before she got into their smart black car and then he hit her with his fist against the back of her head ... he clearly also had too much to drink. No Betty, if drinking like what I've seen in China, is part of Chinese culture, then I would be ashamed if I were Chinese. Sorry for being so blunt, but maybe you never thought about this and need to hear this.

  • "Coffee" (Coffee) is a term derived from a name card of Ethiopia law (Kaffa) town, in Arabic means "strength and passion". Tea and coffee, cocoa and known as the world's three major beverages. Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee, 1/3 of the world's coffee originated in Brazil, it is the main varieties of coffee is A Labica (Arabica). Long term since, Brazil has been ranked the world first throne coffee producing countries. I usually like to drink coffee, not only can be refreshing, but also the strong smell. I like to drink cappuccino, don't like CafeAmericano.

    • Li Fengxian, these 'big' words you used in your comment are usually not in your vocabulary. So, the comment wasn't your own thoughts, right (except the last two sentences, maybe)? I will then react only to those two sentences. I agree about coffee being refreshing and has a good aroma (smell). So, you like Cappuccino? Then you must be a sophisticated girl! Oh, and I also don't like Cafe Americano. There are surely better coffees than that.

  •  Good evening,John.I have read the things about our class tomorrow.It's about Black Gold.It's a recent British documentary film about the international coffee industry.And then there are 6 Pre-Reading warm up questions,5 comprehensions.And then,as usual,there is a vocabulary review.At last,we will have a discussion to work in groups.
    Well,that's all the things about our class tomorrow.See you!
    • You summed it up well, Jackie, but you didn't take part in the discussion about the lesson content. So, I still don't know whether you know what the lesson content is about. I hope you would understand the passage tomorrow and that the vocab wouldn't be unfamiliar to you.

  • Hello John!I know it is late to comment now. I am very sorry. Because of recently the weather changes,I have a cold.Today I go to the hospital to see a doctor and take the medicine in order to recover as soon as possible.I have known the content of the next class.Next class we will see a documentary called Black Gold about the coffee.I'm not a coffee drinker,because I drink coffee will suffer from insomnia, unless in some important lessons when I feel tired I will drink little. When the businessman start the trade on coffee, coffee becomes a popular drink in the world.But the coffee farmers' life is very hard because the trade is unfair for the coffee farmers.The bussiness make the farmers work for a long time but pay less money for them.I think the coffee trade need to improve and be fair.Looking forward to the next lesson!
    • Pauline, we are not going to watch a documentary film about this lesson. I don't know where you learned that from?! Yes, I agree the coffee farmers must be protected from the rich (and greedy) coffee companies. China's coffee industry is growing fast; I hope they would learn from the mistakes of others and protect the farmers here. Will you come to class tomorrow, or do you feel too unwell? Okay, I'll get the answer in class tomorrow. Get well soon! :)

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