This is a group for students from Class 13 Liaoning Technical University who all have English with John. Weekly lessons will be posted here and in preparation students have to leave comments on the lessons before each class. Students may also submit their own posts for discussion.

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  • Students: if you need an online learning partner, go here and join this group: . Take your time and go through the names; you may find someone with the same goals as you and join them! Or post a note about yourself and which kind of learning partner you are looking for. Come on!

  • Wang Jiajia, why do you make your comment for the lesson here? Why don't you go to the lesson for the specific week (Week 8b) and comment there?

  •  I began to read a book when I was in kindergarten. At that time, I only could read some small story books with many pictures.Several later, I know more chinese words and I could read more books without pictures. My favourite book was the Grimm's Fairy Tales when I was a child. When I was in high school ,I liked to read a magazine named Philosophy and Thought. And now, The Power is my favorite book. It tells me many useful methods. I don't like to read poems except one poem named A Blooming Tree. I prefer to read short stories, which always can make think deeply. 
  • the next class is coming and i am very glad to take part in it .The next class we will learn something clowns internation,I know very little about, but I want to know this. The website about www.ciowns-international ,we can see the pictures about the eggshell faces ,I think it will very interestig. The role play must be very meaning and I want to play this play .so see you tomorrow.
  • Welcome back everyone from Class 13-1! Hope you all had a great holiday! Tomorrow we have our first class of this semester. I'll post the new lessons under the headings, "2014b + day and date", where the "b" after 2014 indicates the second part of this calendar year (and the first half of your new semester). Hope it won't confuse you! Have fun! ;-)

  • Thank you, Liu Yufan, I'll do that in a separate post here.

  • Teacher,I asked our classmates.They think you can publish the marks here. ~

  • Dream is a ship, carrying you into the future on the other side; dream is a lamp, illuminating our future. Different people have different dreams, such as scientists, doctors, teachers, etc.  3 minutes of English speech can not only show their English level, whether fluent or poor, but also  exchange students each other's dreams toenhance understanding and deepen friendship.

  • hello,teacher.we have known the ways of students study english in other countries.we also learned the disadvantages of study english for ourselvesand we will do hard to overcome it.And for me,i have  been living in school since i was in jonior school.i like sharing room with my classmates,i think that enjoyable and helpful. 

  • Zhou Yuqi, you can't make a lesson comment here! Come on! You should know by now that you have to go to the lesson post of the specific week, in this case, Week 8b. What's going on?!

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Week 13: Results

Hi Class, please find attached the results of your vocab test of last week. I am not finished processing your oral grades and will send the combined grades through to the office later this month. If you'd like to have your final grades, Liu Yufan can advise me and I will publish it here, or send it through individually, as you prefer.Good wishes with the upcoming exams. I will think about you and hope you all will do well.Vocab Results Class 13-1 Nov 2014.rtf

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2014b: Week 12b: Thursday, 27 November

(1) Short awards ceremony to show appreciation to the class for their commitment and dedication through the semester. Awards will go to the 3 best dialogue-pairs, the best individual oral contribution, the best vocab test results, the best EC comments, and to the most persistent student.Movie. We can watch one of 3 movies (if Liu Yufan could get us a media classroom...!). You have to tell me which one you want to see! 1. "The Freedom Writers Diaries" about a female teacher who was a model…

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2014b: Week 12a: Tuesday, 25 November

(1) Feedback: Class to give feedback in writing about the past year's English classes regarding 'likes', dislikes,and suggestions.(2) Vocab test: Class will be tested on the vocabulary being studied during the past semester. Most questions will be multiple choice questions. The paper will consist of 30 questions.P.S. EC comments are not necessary for this class. We will also not cover the news this time as students should prepare for the vocab paper.

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2014b: Week 11b: Thursday, 20 November

Oral Evaluation: Role plays & Dialogues: 3-4 minutes each pair - topics from English Library, and will be supplied to students in the next class.P.S. Students do not have to comment on this lesson. The last comments would be for week 12a on Tuesday, 25th, the week after next week.

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