In this page we can share all books and reading topics. We can share links and pictures, and we can relate the histories of the lastest books we liked. And everyone can give his opinion.

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  • Hello there!!

    There is a new link for frunch ebook lovers:


    Enjoy reading

    Have a nice time friends!!

  • https://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/2389490082?profile=originalto the news members, i hope u will like the our group

  • https://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/2388514877?profile=originalto our new friend , wich you are enjoying your time here in my EC

  • 2388031525?profile=originalto our new members


    Welcome to our groupe i am very glad to see your participation in this topic.i am happy to know that there is people like reading and i wont to know more about how you read and if you can you describe your feeling when you finsh reading an intersting book.


  • Welcome to our new friends

  • Welcome to our new friends

  • hello friends, thank you for giving the chance to  join your group i am very interested in reading books i just finished reading two books that are twilight and love in the time of cholera they were pretty good i liked reading and i could say i am a bibliophile

  • 2387378495?profile=originalfor the new friends

  • You are welcome Leticia


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new link

hello my friends!!I hope  you are good!! It's a long time i dont log in my EC, really  i am  sorry i was busy.this is a new link for people who like arab books i find it very intersting , i hope you will enjoy your time and reading books in this  site.Denjoy your life!http://mybook4u.com/

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