A few days ago i came accross this book that I found really interesting. It teaches us how, in our daily life, emotional intelligence is as important as the intelligence that we count by IQ. According to this book, we can stimulate and developp it from our early chilhood. Self-control, perseverance, motivation and respect of others  are qualities that can help us to succeed in your life. In my life i have seen people with very high IQ failing in their lifes as others with lower intelligence could succeed. I was wondering why, i found a few answers in this book. It might interest you to know more about this topic. Nowadays, in Belgium, companies who hire employees ask the candidates to go through emotional tests as well as the usual ones. I believe that our world is changing and from what i see in my daily life, it seems that we all now attach more important to our emotions. And that's  a VERY good news :))

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