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hello all,

I do counseling for various reasons mainly for career and relations. My experience shows that most of the people do not have enough understanding of the words that are used in communication. The power of expression is not experienced by many leaving many problems coming in self life.

We all know that communication is a cycle. it has to be kept on and on and on..till we achieve what we expect, without hurting any one. There is no reason to hurt. When we hurt someone, either physically or not, shows weak areas in our own personality still to be worked upon.

My experience shows that it does not make much time to develop these skills. Time is taken by those who do not wish to have those great skills of communication.

Think of this and enjoy using right words so that they act as `inspirations` to do great deeds.

Enjoy !

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  • Sure and thank you.

  • Yes, and thank you for your response. when time permits, I will share some wonderful experiences.

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