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Dealing with people

hello all,

I do counseling for various reasons mainly for career and relations. My experience shows that most of the people do not have enough understanding of the words that are used in communication. The power of expression is not experienced by man

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Here is some interesting sharing. I was working with a very renown company here in human resources as senior executive. I was responsible for training and development of employees there (roughly 350 employees). 

For six years I was there and from begi

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Teaching Experiences (I)


 Hello Dear Teachers :)


-Would you please say that what you usually speak about in the first of your class?


The reason for asking this quesion:

I am a new teacher in university (a math teacher). Each time when I come to the class I really don't know

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Life without Television

TVThere have been a few points in my life when I have attempted to live without television. In general, these have been the best times of my life. I often wonder what life was like for people before the invention of "the tube". If I lived alone, I woul

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I share O.Wilde's point of view about experience:Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing.Oscar WildeI'd like to demonstrate here one of my greatest experiences up to now,which was the construction of our family house.I'd like to illustrate

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