Hey, let's discuss this topic. Well, my opinion completing the homework is very easy. First, break down your homework into small tasks and prioritize those that are difficult to handle or the submission date is near this way you can organize your homework more efficiently. Second, find a peaceful and productive place where you can give 100% input on your homework with no kind of distraction such as mobile phones, socializing with other members, etc. Last but not least if still facing problems ask someone to help me write my homework either it could be your professor/teacher or a friend. Collaborating or seeking help can save you time and make you stay on the right track.

Well these three are my opinion what do you think do share your opinion in the comment section

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  • No offense, but is this some sort of disguised advertisement for a website? (Do not take it seriously, anyway). Your ideas may work well for those who are disciplined, I guess. However, if you are not disciplined, you are easily distracted by things around you, the problem that arises here is how you deal with it. If you cannot, it's not an easy task anymore. Things seem easy at first when you have a clear plan and stick with it, but when you cannot, problems arise. 

  • As far as I am concerned, procastination is the stumbling stone of our doing homework successfully. Some people like to wait to the last minute to do their home work which in the end lower the quality of our work.

    When the homework size is huge, we can do little by little so that it become more manageable to meet the deadline and the quality is not sacrificed.

  • I agree with you, Alex on those three...I would add that at the time of doing the task, don't think of the need to do it...let your brain do de work, not you...it is a mental tool to relax your mind...

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