What do you think about this sentence? Is it easy for anyone to live in the enjoyment? I know that many cases and conditions have to be involved in this discussion! For example children are always happy, and the worker face problems in his work as they are often people teasing and bothering. So let's discuss them! What I want to say is: Is it really possible for someone to enjoy every moment of his day in this life arounded by whatever is around?

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  • LOL Alyouchty, do you really steal a good moment? Hmm .... So you know how to live? Give us the recipe, stealing and what else? :D

    Dear Alyea, yeah, it's preferable to enjoy our life but not '' la vie en rose '' it's always interrupted by sad or anger moment, I'll say it again and again '' This Is Life ''. Full of hard moments!

    Thanks for your comment Dear Alyouche :-* 

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    • Yes dear Ahmad, right! But what if you work the same work everyday, the same routine, the same coworker:D It's going to drive you mad this situation, no? How the enjoyment can be reached? I think that would increase the aggravation of his boredom and sadness.

      Your comment is apprecited :)

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    • Wow! What a nice answer!!! You must be a psychologist or an old person! Are you? Yes if we don't die one day, we wouldn't in hurry of our daily task. And yes greediness is the only principal problem that human could have, even selfishness.

      Thanks a lot for your comment, I appreciate it!

  • Is it possible for us to eat sweat dish, whole day, without eating spicy foods??
    • Asif, Ohhhhh ... !!! sweat dish ??? do you mean sweet ?? What have to do this reply to my discussion, for God Sake??!! Then if puching plaines which is a weird thing why not sweet dish? :D

      Thanks anyway  ;)

      • Enjoy every moment of life is like a eating sweet dish all the day, so my friend would you like to eat sweet dish without eating spicy food.?? Your answer probably would be No, that's I want to explain, how it possible for us to enjoy every moment without facing sad moment.

        BTW, I'm not trying to pushing the plane, I'm just trying to pulling your head:DDDDDDDDDd

        • That's uttrely right my friend Asif! I like you way of thinking and the example you gave, it's really logical and obvious, you got my answer, yes it's no. By the way, I like also salty dishes ;)

          Dear Asif, don't try to pull my head, Ah ... ! I can pull nose :D 

  • Sometimes we are involved in a dayly routine which impede us to see all that good things that life have. When it happens to me I try to watch my life from other perspective and break with the routine but it's difficult to do.
    • Hello Pina, and thanks for the comment! Yeah routine can kill the person, but what should we do ? Nothing! We have to instill some seeds of Patience in our heart so we can support the cruelty of this life. Well in the end ... '' This Is Life ''. Would you mind telling me about these perspectives that you use to watch your life from them? 

      I appreciate your nice reply :)

      • Well Esma, what I mean is that I have to break the routine for not to became a machine and realize that life is not only work, money, shopping and so on... One way I have to break it is taking my children and going to the beach, mountain, amusement parks... far from our living site and change our habits, but I know that's not always possible. Others perspectives come suddenly; two months ago, my friend's father died by cancer, he was a good person but the mainly thing he did in his life was working and working, and I think to myself,what for? So I think that when death come the only thing we'll take with is our memories and love to each other.
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