• Having traveled some, I'd agree that it isn't economics that drives the issue but opportunity.  I'm not sure women think they cannot make a decision but rather they are not given an opportunity to decide.  As mentioned, some times it is culture, religion or status that deprives them of the opportunity to be the decision maker.  For some women, making money for themselves may open their eyes that they can make decisions when they had been taught from a child they could not.  So if economic conditions change the culture to allow women to make decisions, then you could say it empowers them but I've known a LOT of poor women who made decsions and in fact ran the household.  

  • I guess it's more linked to traditions or culture than development 

  • I think in some countries women are raised like that, they always are dependent somehow, they depend on their fathers, and after get married, on their husbands. It's not about how they consider themselves, I think there isn't freedom enough to let them develop differently socially. I think it's something cultural and has the influence of the religion, not the economy. So, I don't believe the change is going to come when their economy improves. In some countries there are movements created by women to achieve more rights, so some things are beginning to change.

  • It depends on social background. Empowering their economy will help them to be independant and make their own decisions but it will take time.
    • for you which one is the strongest factor? being economically strong or having easygoing social background? i think in middle east social background is the main one rather in Africa economic statues plays the major roll. so it depends where the women is found in.

  •  In this regard, there is what is called social ,islamic,traditional background ties that prevent women from doing samethings like what happens in other areas of the other side of the world .

    • you mean is it attached with culture , religion and social background.What about development and being undeveloped.Don't you think development is the major factor?

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