Hello. It is said that grammar is the heart of a language but, I wonder, why the members of this site seem don't like grammar. I notice that they are really eager to give comments when the discussion topics are about social phenomena but it doesn't happen when the topics are about grammar. No one likes to give comment. Even if they do, it's not more than one person or two persons. I even decided to delete my grammar discussion after a long time I hadn't got any comment there. So, please give me your opinion and reason, guys, why you are doing this. Don't you care about the expression I stated in the beginning? Thanks.

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  • Thank you for your comment, The Archer. Yes, you're right. Not all members are here to improve their English. :) I don't give up to propose grammar questions at all. I give up to do it in this site. :)

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    • Thank you for your comment, Chiradee Ann Fronda. :) I think people should do what you do, especially the part about correcting before posting. Unfortunately, many people here don't do that. Even about what should be capitalized or not, the don't know (or don't care). Welcome to EC and nice to know that we have the same concern. Have a nice English learning!

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    • Thank you for your comment and agreement, Diana. :)

  • Hi Chandra I like Grammar it is back bone of English it is very important part to learn English 

    the problem is that at the time of chat ,we do not know Whether people  know grammar or not . & I think people are not able to explain grammar  proper manner therefore they shy  

    • That's possibly one of the reason as has been mentioned by Nafis. I understand it and it's acceptable. But the other reason is, perhaps, those who are expert in this thing seem to be busy with their own blogs. :)

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    • Ohh... Thanks for your corrections. :) But for the third sentence, why is it wrong? Don't you think that it matches with the adverb of time "after a long time"?

    • Hi, Arthur. Thanks for your comment. Do you mean that you also have the same experience, posted a grammar discussion and no one replied?

  • Thank you for your comment and support, Deepa. :)

  • You may enjoy this blog: Do you find English grammar important?

    • Thank you very much, Expector. I've read it and given a comment.

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