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  • Because the generations of new parents are different than the generations of the past years. They are informed by books and the Internet so fast that they cannot think crystal clear what they are asking from the teachers. Students nowadays have also a lot of learning problems that their parents sometimes do not realise and blame the teacher rather than discussing their problems very seriously.

    • Dear Mrs Sia ,

      You might be totally right. The changing relationship between parents and their approaches to education is interesting. The abundance of information online can be overwhelming for new parents and their kids, causing confusion about what to expect from teachers. On the other hand, children also deal with modern learning challenges that parents may not fully understand, leading to a lack of communication between parents and teachers. It's so pity that we have to face this nowadays. 

      The question is if schools can do anything about it. And if all the schools pass through the same problems? Or maybe there are schools that are different from the example shown in the picture?

      Thank you for your kind contribution to the discussion.

  • What can I say?? That's really controversial topic but what I'm sure is this attitude doesn't help the kids improve themselves because they aren't taught to face the problem and find a solution for it. The easiest way is to find a scapegoat.. in the past the kids, now the teachers.. The culprit is kept in the closet:)) 

    • Dear Zhi Winter ,  this is indeed a complex issue. What's important is that children learn to tackle problems and work out solutions. Blaming others doesn't lead to improvement. In the past, children might have been blamed, and now it seems teachers are often held responsible. However, the real issue might not be addressed if we're always looking for someone to blame. It's like hiding the real problem instead of solving it.
      Thank you for your input, dear Zhi Winter , 

      I'd like to ask if you have ever faced that kind of question from parents in your teaching experience. (From the chat room, I've concluded that you are a teacher). Or maybe some of your colleagues have been in such situations? How did they solve them?

    • Dear L_oli,

      It's a fact that I personally feel under great pressure while teaching. It's not only because I may be criticized but also if I teach something wrong or even an attitude I show in the class may lead my students learn something unfavorable and I feel like I can't do my job as it is required. As for the parents they expect us show much more tolerance to their kids because they themselves can't deal with their kid's demands even irrational ones and they give in easily. The kid gets used to such behavior from others but in the future the society in which  this kid will live as an adult won't be a bed of roses unfortunately...As for the solution, I talk to the parents about their kid's possible future life if they go on covering his/her mistakes. Personally, none of the parents held me responsible for low grades because I usually give feedbacks about kids' learning process periodically and give advice and show them some ways how to overcome studying unwillingly but I ensure you that's really hard to do this for every kid in the class but this is my beloved job which I chose when I was just a kid.. 

    • Thank you so much for taking part in the discussion, dear Zhi Winter . You must be a very good teacher if you can manage not only the students in the classroom but also their parents. Your solution sounds really effective, though I have seen many cases where parents are just "bulletproof"—no matter how many times and how hard you give them feedback, they still blame teachers for every single sin in this world. Thus, one has the only option: to listen to them, to "put oneself in their shoes", and to continue working with their kids the best way one can. Have you had such parents in your practice?

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