Whenever I read profiles of members, I ask myself these questions many times1) How do we come to know our English level?2) Why do we set it on our profile?I will let you know later on how I got to know my English level.I know we all have done it on EC. So, share your experience of setting your profileThank in advance :)

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  • Dear Friend,
    By grace of Allah, I am fine and living the happiest life facing nominal challenges and believe Allah Almighty will continue His blessing upon me forever. Thank you for asking after. I hope you are fine too.
    My level is advanced :). Whether I am advanced level or not, but kind words of you has really encouraged me a lot.

    Can I help you to determine my or (your) English language level? I am very sorry I can't :)

    Thank you for taking part in this discussion.
  • Dear Nancy,
    Blending a high level student with a low level student helps strengthening each other and what you have said in your last comment are agreeable points.
    But how can you know the person whom you are blending with in term of improving is a higher level student than you if he does not set it on profile?

    Thank you for sharing your viewpoints here and making it more interesting.
  • Dear Nancy,
    Same to you.
    "Blending a high level student with low level student they strengthen each other." Even for this reason, you need to know each other's level, don't you?

    Thank you very much for joining this discussion
  • Hello my freind...

    1. We come to know our english level after pass an exam(here we have EC test).
    2. We set it on our profiles to let others know...that help the members to be interested or not...

    my level is intermediate and it's honest.


    • Dear Mr. Green,
      This may be the reason we set it on our profile.
      Thank you for being honest in replying my questions. I really feel pleased :)
  • Oh!

    Amazing discussion.To be very honest I didn't knew my level before I joined EC, but with the passage of time I realized my level is intermediate.To confirm my level I took several tests and they announced me an intermediate level learner.I changed my level from elementary to intermediate an year ago.

    Thanks for the healthy discussion. :))

    Keep shining bro :)))))

    • You found it an amazing and healthy discussion, I feel glad.
      You are among few participants who assess genuine test. Thank u so much for commenting and sharing your experience.

      Keep learning my sister:)

      Your bro
  • Isn't it entertaining to check level of member whom I consider intermediete and to read there advanced? Here is also test of english level but I personally consider it easy peasy even with my poor English. Some people underestimate themselves, others overestimate themselves. Better make your own opinion and dont follow whats written there. Actually, I have just realized that I m unaware of English level of many my friends here in their profiles :D
    • Well, Luzzi you consider intermediate and find it as advance on their profile. That's the reason, I started it. Yeah it's really interesting. I don't go even friends
      ' profile. But knowing the level of friend or members whom you communicate is important. For instance, if you are fluent and your friend is elementry, do you think will have good communcatuion? You've to be very careful while using words so as to avoid confusion.

      Thank for the comments
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