Why do we judge people?

Why do we judge people? Not too long ago, I've lost a good friend of mine just because of bad gossips and from what I've gathered, she just listened to those people who were judging ''the supposed to be bad people..." from what their concept are.

It's too bad, and I felt down, she is one of my closest friend but she don't want to hang out with me anymore, because of that. Sad eh? Yeah. But I have to move on.

Do you judge someone without even knowing them or even met them?

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    • why do we judge people? whether it is giving that girl in the too-tight outfit a crappy glance, or talking about people who sometimes make mistakes....what gives ANYONE the right to say anything? I will admit that i have done my fair share...I believe at some time or another all of us have. But why? is it jealousy? or do we really have a dislike for certain people that we havent even met? Nothing feels worse than judging someone, and then getting to know them a little better, and knowing what an a$$ you were... often times the circumstances that lead us to judge others, are not true or not the whole story.

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        • I got you Natalia, but there are moments in your life that you just want to voice out your feelings, talk to people and get some advice, isn't it?

          Everyone has a choice; it's good to hear from other's point of view. It will be an eye-opener. :)

          Next time, I will write a positive one hahhhah :)

      • Well, we haven't gone out for a while, as I was being lie-low to go out with her, I preferred staying at home. Perhaps, I have faults too, in some way neglecting our bonding time moments. But I think if she really value the good relationship that we had then she should give me an advice and not to judge me or the people I was with during that time.

        Honestly, I wouldn't mind going out with "those people" as long as they don't do anything bad to me. Whatever they do in their lives, that's their business not mine. Being friendly and talking to them, doesn't mean I will be like them, right?

         We don't have to categorize people by saying these people are good and these people are bad...

        • I guess it is nealy almost impossible for us to judge someone or something. You said "We don't have to categorize people by saying these people are good and these people are bad...". But JUDGEING by your comment, I think you are judging people at that very moment. Those who judge someone without knowing the truth or without knowing everything are bad. That's your judgement, isn't it? Tell me if I'm wrong because this is nothing more than MY judgement.

          I think what's important for us is to try keep looking for someone's/something's good points, and judge them by their good points. It's not about why we judge people. It's about how we judge people.

          Finally, this is my judgement: You are a strong and smart woman, Emma. I know you can handle this!

          • The thing am trying to point out Kaoru is that, we have this concept of categorizing people, because people tell us so or we've heard something about those people. But what am trying to say is....why judge them, without even met them or talking to them? For example, being a prostitute, a drunkard..etc. They have a certain reasons why they choose that kind of life. I will not go into details but in my case, I was being judge by a good friend and in general, we tend to follow a certain norm of our society on what to do, who we are...and besides who are we to judge these people? How you judge someone is basically, the reason why you judge them....

            • Oh, I'm sorry I didn't get your point. What you meant is like prejudice or something for some kind of people rather than judge for individual. And when we judge people we don't know much about or even have never met before, we often make mistakes. That's because we don't understand that we are stuck in ignorance, I guess. But why do you have to judge people you have never met before in the first place? I don't know. It's like you don't think it's delicious even though you have never eaten that cake before. We're always doing something wrong like that.

  • You should talk with her and clear all points. Try more and more times. 

    We have a thought always, breaking is easy but making a close friend is very hard.

    Just take this way, if a pearl necklace broke and all pearls falls in ground. You start collecting all pearls and one by one you joint in single thread and bring back this Necklace. Same way is friendship. Whole time you were together and because just for a mistake, you can not throw all your feelings.

    It sound impractical and you walk away. But trust me if you start collecting all your good timing. One day you both together and shine your friendship like the pearl necklace.

    But it takes time and effort. If you believe and work with honest heart. You will success.

    • I would like to give another description of a broken friendship ( not your necklace =P ) .. let's see it as a " hydrargyrum" in another words " quicksilver" , "Mercury"  it's known as the only metal that's liquid ... I think you know that it's poison and we can't touch it directly ...because it has no regular shape ... so the best way to grab it is to surround it from all sides ...and then drop it in one good flask ( not the broken one ) ... I hope you get it.

      PS : Do you know that Hg has special electronic configuration 1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 3d, 4s, 4p, 4d, 4f, 5s, 5p, 5d and 6s

      • Brother, we always have 2 choices in our life. Simple or complicated. If you chose complicacy in friendship, it will make this more complicated. So what we should do choose simple one.

        Now I can understand this Hg chemical reaction. But she can not understand, that you can see easily.

        Friendship is never a poison in any case even if you hurt. But now you trying to take this explain via Mercury. I guess in both case we can atleast collect the things and with both example we need to use it with delicacy.

        • I think you are doing good so far ... You see .. this is called Art ... Real Art ... I hope you will learn about it .. and I will do my best to lead you to the right places ... 

          And I agreed with your 1st sentence ... Simple or Complicated. I got it ^^ 

          Have blessed Day.

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