Very good choice, MARY! :)

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  • My silly sense of humor.


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    • Hi Zamantha well said ,and thanks for participating in the discussion ,hope to get to know your opinion on other subject as well ............. bye...
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    • Thanks Nijar for participating in the discussion, and it is nice that you are satisfied with yourself and your are thankful to your god.........bye......... have a nice day............
  • hi everybody

    i think progress and succsess is BY CHANGE everybody is following for CHANGE


  • In spite of expecting always for the worst to come, my calm attitude amidst adversities is something which I don't want to change..........


    My belief that trials are meant to make us stronger persons and that they are given because we are capable of overcoming also one thing that I don't want to change.


    Nice question, Narendra.

  • Hi Anah,it seems that you have been hurt by some of your friends ,then what are you waiting for just change them ...........and move on ..
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    • Hi Ronald ,if you really don't want to change your personality then nobody should force you to do that ,if you are satisfied with your personality then you don't need to change it
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    • Hi asmaa your answer is also a bit strange ,it seems that every thing you would like to keep which you have got ............thanks for your comment
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