• Thanks.

  • Hi there I respect your opinion Elen, I like saying ai'nt and that's delightful.

  • Dear A738a, thank you very much for the information. Actually i heard it in a song. I prefer not to use it. Thank you again for your comment!

  • Dear A7! Sure, you are right and I really wonder I "haven't stuck my nose" here before. Most of all, I like "I ain't know nothing...". Dear learners, don't repeat our mistakes, please! You can hear us speaking like that, but it is incorrect.  

    • Dear Danny! Personally I like ain't better.;) In spoken language that is.

    • I neither dislike or like it, but most importantly, I do understand it, so I can carry an easier conversation with others when using it. hah

    • Good job :))

    • A7! I like it, too!

    • I know right?^_^

    • Haha Danny, sure, i will not follow your mistake :D I understood very well this word but i don't use it. Thanks for your comment!

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