• So you're defining my look, you guessed right.


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      • Ohh sure... I'm a good catch! :D

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    • LOL....same question ...

  • Joana chien, wo ye shi! I also like Jacky Chan. Is it possible to be one of your friends? Thanks.

  • He is tall and a medium-built .His face has scar nat perfect but his smile is very cute to me . Also he has a beautiful voice. He is a famous singer in Hong Kong. Jacky Chang is my favorite singer . 

  • Oi, Daniel

    Let me within the frames of a discussion make some corrections to your short text. I would have written it this way:

    What does he look like?

    He is handsome. He is tall. He is well built. He is good looking. [to me, handsome and good looking are the same, so I would have resigned from the last sentence and would have written the following: He moves gracefully.]

    • I would add: The time is slowing down when he is passing by.

      Or: His hair is waving even if there's no wind.

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